Conscious Blending

I call this conscious blending because you are aware that you are blended and are purposely choosing to allow it.

Free Drop-In Interactive/IFS Group: April 12

This drop-in group is designed to give you an idea of how Interactive/IFS Groups operate. Thursday, April 12 10 am – 12 noon pacific time (1-3 pm eastern, 6-8 pm UK) Free Click here to enroll In a Drop-In Interactive Group, you can be totally honest about your feelings. Everyone is encouraged to share their moment-to-moment experience […]

What Is Required for Unburdening to Succeed

The unburdening ritual doesn’t achieve transformation all by itself; it only caps off the process. All the previous steps in the process are necessary and must be completed before the unburdening ritual will have the desired effect.

Disowned Anger

If you have disowned your anger, you may occasionally have angry outbursts, due to the Angry Part breaking through. This anger is usually extreme and inappropriate to the context.

Depressing Protectors

One common cause of depression is having a protector that doesn’t want you to feel hopeful. Such a protector doesn’t actually feel hopeless. It makes you feel hopeless in order to keep you from feeling hopeful and then suffering the disappointment of not getting what you were hoping for.

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