Unblending from Judgmental Protectors

In order to get to know an exile successfully, it is important for you to be in Self, just as with protectors. To check for this, notice how you are feeling toward the exile.

IFS Exiles Course: Starts July 23

This summer, I will be offering the IFS Exiles Course. The prerequisite for this course is the IFS Basic Course or equivalent.

Working Through Conflicts in an Interactive/IFS Group

Working through conflicts in an Interactive/IFS Group. When Sharon brought up this issue in a group consult with me, I suggested that she work on confronting people in group directly, and this terrified her. She was afraid that the other person would get hurt, and then they would abandon her or get angry at her.

Desire and Vulnerability in an Interactive/IFS Group

In an Interactive Group we encourage people to be honest with each other about their responses, so if one group member reaches out to another, they could get hurt. However, if they can handle this, it is an opportunity for growth. They can learn how to deal with the hurt and to realize that it doesn’t mean that they are unlovable.

June 26: Drop-In Interactive/IFS Group

This drop-in group is designed to give you an idea of how Interactive/IFS Groups operate, and also to give you a group experience that can be powerful learning in itself.

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