IFS Introductory Seminar and Basic Course

The IFS Basic Course teaches you how to access Self and work with protectors. It is the most basic course on IFS. It teaches you how to work on yourself using IFS and how to do peer IFS counseling.

IFS Firefighters

In IFS there are two types of protectors—managers and firefighters. Our internal firefighters act in a similar manner. They fear that the pain of an exile will be overwhelming, so they ignore the possible destructive consequences of their actions and do anything they can to numb or distract us from that pain.

New Interactive/IFS Group for Professionals

This is a new interactive/IFS group for professionals. Discover how and why an Interactive group can help.

An Interactive Group Story

This is the story of Sharon’s work in one of my Interactive Groups. Sharon is a recovering alcoholic who had been sober for over a decade with the help of AA and therapy.

Self-Revealing and Acceptance in an Interactive Group

Acceptance is an important issue in an Interactive Group. You want to reveal yourself, but only if you are going to be accepted by the group. You also want to be able to be yourself. You want to show your anger and your insecurity, your tears and your fears, your strength and your neediness. But […]

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