Unblending from the Inner Defender

Sometimes your Inner Defender argues with the Inner Critic. If the Critic says that you are worthless, the Defender tries to prove that you are a good person.

The Inner Critic and the Criticized Child

Whenever an Inner Critic part is active, there are actually two parts involved. Most people access an Inner Critic part by listening to its attacking words or seeing an image of it.

New Date: Transforming Your Inner Critic using IFS Course

This Inner Critic Course consists of live sessions by videoconference where you get to interact with Jay and a small number of other participants.

Advanced IFS Classes: Introductory Webinar

This webinar is an introduction to my Advanced IFS Classes. I will explain how they operate, what the prerequisite is, and answer your questions.

The Inner Critic as Enforcer

One of the main reasons our Inner Critic parts judge us is to enforce the certain kind of behavior they want from us.

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