IFS Classes and Groups

I offer a variety of classes and groups based on IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), which are summarized below. The groups and classes meet by videoconference, so we all can see each other, which enhances the group connection.

The IFS View of the Human Psyche

IFS provides a new and startling view of the human psyche. It sees human beings as complex systems of interacting “parts,” which are natural divisions of the personality.

The Seat of Consciousness in IFS

Whoever resides in the seat of consciousness at any given moment is in charge of our psyche at that time.

Transforming Your Inner Critic – A View Through Two Lenses

The Inner Critic is the part of you that judges you, pushes you, and undermines your self-confidence. It can make you feel worthless, ashamed, guilty, depressed, or inadequate.

Dealing with Overwhelm in IFS Work

  Your inner world can be a garden of riches, but at any moment it can also erupt in a chaotic confusion of intense feelings. Sometimes when a loaded issue gets triggered, instead of parts appearing one at a time, which would be more workable, they all become triggered at once, vying for control and […]

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