Desire and Vulnerability in an Interactive/IFS Group

In an Interactive Group we encourage people to be honest with each other about their responses, so if one group member reaches out to another, they could get hurt. However, if they can handle this, it is an opportunity for growth. They can learn how to deal with the hurt and to realize that it doesn’t mean that they are unlovable.

June 26: Drop-In Interactive/IFS Group

This drop-in group is designed to give you an idea of how Interactive/IFS Groups operate, and also to give you a group experience that can be powerful learning in itself.

Metabolizing Childhood Experiences

An experience that isn’t metabolized creates a burden for the exile that experienced it. In IFS, a burden is a painful feeling or negative belief that an exile takes on as a result of a painful or traumatic situation.

The Importance of Compassion in Working with Exiles in IFS

Luckily, compassion is the natural human response to someone who is suffering, as long as one is in Self. In an IFS session, the Self is there to give the exile the gift of being seen after years of being locked away in the basement.

Updating in IFS

Protectors Stuck in Past Our protectors are stuck in the past; they believe that we are little children who are vulnerable and have few internal or external resources for handling problematic situations. This is how we all were as children. Another way to say this is that the protector is protecting a young, vulnerable exile, […]

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