Class Enrollment

There are three steps to class enrollment:

1.  If you are enrolling for an IFS class and this is your first class and we don’t know you, fill out the Safety Questionnaire for your instructor:

Safety Questionnaire and Disclaimer – Jay Earley

Safety Questionnaire and Disclaimer – Bonnie Weiss

Safety Questionnaire and Disclaimer – Everett Considine

2.  Send, or an email with the following:

  • Specify which class you are enrolling for.
  • Include your phone number and Skype name for the contact list.

3.  Payment.

Contact Everett directly for payment for his classes.

For Jay, you can pay in two ways:

1. Venmo is an app that allow you to pay easily. Just send the money to

2. To pay by check, mail a check made out to
Jay Earley
140 Marina Vista Ave.
Larkspur, CA 94939
(If you are enrolling for a course that will start before your check will arrive, email me when the check is in the mail, so I know you are enrolled.)

See Schedule of Classes for details of time and place.

Refund policy
If you decide not to take a class:
If you cancel more than 2 days before the class starts, you will receive a refund minus $25.
If you cancel less than 2 days before the class starts, there is no refund.