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  • WB-009 - Advanced IFS Reparenting Webinar

    Advanced IFS Reparenting Webinar

    This recorded webinar covers the step in the IFS process where you give an exile a corrective emotional experience, which sometimes involves the Self becoming the healthy parent for an ...

  • Beyond Eating Webinar-1

    Beyond Eating Webinar

    Those of us with food-related, body image, and assertion problems often have deep conflicts about nurturing ourselves and finding our rightful place in the world. This recorded webinar in...

  • WB-002-Depression Webinar

    Depression Webinar

    In this recorded webinar, Jay Earley, PhD, discusses the nature of depression and how to work with it using IFS and

  • WB-006 - IFS Real-Time Practice Webinar

    IFS Real-Time Practice Webinar

    This recorded webinar explains how to be aware of and work with your parts in real time, at the moment when they are activated in your life.

    60 minutes
    Recorded Webinar

  • WB-010-Transforming-Your-Inner-Critic-with-IFS-Webinar

    Inner Critic Webinar

    This recorded webinar on the Inner Critic is the part of you that judges you, pushes you, and undermines your self-confidence. It can make you feel worthless, ashamed, guilty, depressed,...

  • WB-011-Understanding-Transforming-Passive-Aggressive Webinar

    Passive-Aggressive Pattern Webinar

    This recorded webinar will help you to determine if you have a Passive-Aggressive Pattern or if your partner of someone else close to you does.

    This webinar shows how to work with ...

  • WB-004 - People-Pleasing Webinar

    People-Pleasing Webinar

    This recorded webinar will help you to understand the People-Pleasing Pattern—how it operates, its underlying psychodynamics, the emotional wounds that are behind it, and how to change ...

  • WB-007 - Problematic Attractions Webinar

    Problematic Attractions Webinar

    This recorded webinar will help you understand what patterns you need to change, and how to do this, so you are attracted to people who will be a good partner for you and who will love yo...

  • WB-003 - Procrastination Webinar

    Procrastination Webinar

    This recorded webinar will help you to understand your Procrastination Pattern—how it operates, its underlying psychodynamics, the emotional wounds that are behind it, and how to chan...

  • WB-008 - Reparenting in IFS Webinar

    Reparenting in IFS Webinar

    This recorded webinar is for therapists, coaches, and other professionals.  It assumes that you are trained in IFS or familiar with the basic IFS concepts. It covers the step in the IFS ...

  • WB-005 - Striving and Being Webinar

    Striving and Being Webinar

    This recorded webinar discusses how to work through excessive striving using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey and how to develop ease, flow, presence, life purpose, and surrender.

    2 ho...

  • WB-012-Victim-Pattern-Webinar

    Victim Pattern Webinar

    During this recorded webinar it will help you to determine if you have a Victim Pattern–or if your partner (or someone else close to you) does. If you have the Victim Pattern, yo...