An 8-Part Vision for the Great Turning Movement

In A Social Movement for the Great Turning, I discuss the movement for social transformation that is emerging but not yet conscious of itself or widely known. In this article, I explore an 8-part vision for this movement. Some of these parts are well underway, some are partially there, and some are my ideas about what needs to happen. For many of these 8 parts, I have written separate pages that describe them in some detail, so here I just summary them with links to those pages.

  • Waking people up to the danger and urgency of the moment.
  • Protecting the earth, people, and democracy.
  • Providing a vision of a transformed society and how to get there.
  • Developing a healthy, regenerative movement culture with loving, empowered members.
  • Aiding in the transformation of worldviews and values.
  • Creating social, ecological, professional, and economic alternatives.
  • Collaborating with movement organizations and publicizing the movement.
  • Transforming governance

A Social Movement for the Great Turning

Waking People Up

Many of the groups and organizations that I see as part of this movement are already focusing on waking people up to extreme danger the world faces and the urgency of responding. The Climate Movement is especially focused on this, but it isn’t the only one. See Movements that are Part of the Great Turning Movement.

The Great Turning Movement will need to go somewhat further that the immediate crises and help people to understand the larger planetary crisis, the need for the Great Turning, and the movement as a vehicle for that.

Protecting the Earth, People, and Democracy

As discussed before, there are many activist groups already engaged in actions to solve the climate crisis, protect animals and ecosystems, stop activities and policies that are harmful to people, preserve our democracies from Fascism, liberate oppressed peoples, and much more. See Movements that are Part of the Great Turning Movement. (This also includes the organizations that are now focused on healing the left-right divide in the U.S.) Hopefully all of this crucial work will buy the world enough time for the movement to develop and succeed. We aim to collaborate with as many of these organizations as possible.

Providing a Vision

Many excellent books provide a vision of a regenerative society, to inspire people about what is possible. Even though we don’t know exactly what that new society will look like, we know enough about what is possible to encourage people to get involved. See Visions of a Regenerative Society for a summary of these visionary ideas.

Then there is the question of how to reach people with these visions. Non-fiction articles and books aren’t nearly enough. We need novels, movies, videos, and other means of spreading inspiration.

We also need a vision of how the movement can succeed, which I am attempting to provide through my writings on a Social Movement for the Great Turning.

Aiding in the Transformation of Worldviews and Values.

A crucial aspect of the Great Turning is transforming our worldviews and values from the Modern to the Regenerative Era. This is already happening to some extent because of the transition that is underway. Click here for a discussion of how we might help this to happen faster and broader.

Creating Social, Economic, Professional, and Ecological Alternatives.

There are an enormous number of innovative alternatives that are models for aspects of a regenerative, transformed society. Click here for some examples.

Collaborating with Aligned Organizations and Publicizing the Movement

We need to collaborate with organizations that are or could be part of the movement for the Great Turning. Click here for a discussion of this project.

We also need to work on making this movement more visible to the general public. This will not only help the movement, it will probably help most of the organizations we collaborate with to be more successful in their own terms.

To the extent that we are successful in publicizing the movement, then when people wake up and realize that our world is a mess and needs to change, they will have somewhere to turn rather than despairing. They can join with like-minded people, develop their capacities as change agents, and learn how to contribute.

Transforming Governance

Hopefully, a time will come when many social, economic, professional, and ecological alternatives have been developed, tested out, and improved so we have a pretty good idea of what works in what situations. A time when the movement has expanded its size and public recognition so that we can wield significant political power. Then the movement will tackle changing large-scale social structures such as the money system, government, and justice system.

See Transforming Governance for a fuller discussion of this.