Social Evolution and the Planetary Crisis

This article sets the stage for my ideas about A Social Movement for the Great Turning. It discusses how we are in the process of transitioning to a regenerative society in the upcoming era of social evolution.

In researching my book, Transforming Human Culture, I learned that humans began our social evolution connected to the earth, in community, somewhat open to the feminine, and with aliveness (presence, intuition) and a sense of belonging. I call these ground qualities. Through the centuries, we increasingly developed technology, large scale social structures, masculinity, rationality, and individuality. In the book, I called these emerging qualities, but the term “emerging” has a different meaning, so I now call them the developing qualities.

There have been 5 major eras in human social evolution, culminating in today’s Modern Era. But now, the Modern Era is breaking down producing a planetary crisis, as we move toward the upcoming Regenerative Era. In today’s world, these developing qualities have gone too far and suppressed the ground qualities, leading to our current crisis. 

The next stage of evolution will involve re-owning the ground qualities. However, we won’t just embrace the ground qualities and discard the developing qualities; they will be integrated. We will have aliveness with rationality (conscious participation), the feminine with the masculine, community within a world society, natural with technological living (ecological technology), and belonging with individuality (conscious belonging). This chart shows these relationships.

All this social evolution has happened out of human awareness, but now that we are beginning to understand the evolutionary process, the Regenerative Era will come about through conscious evolution (Barbara Marx Hubbard), where humanity will choose our new society and world as part of this evolutionary flow.