Our Purpose

IFS is such a powerful method for healing that we want everyone to have access to it. We want to help IFS become known throughout the U.S. and the world, both in the professional psychotherapy community and among personal growth enthusiasts. Not only is IFS extremely effective for personal healing and growth, it also embodies love, cooperation, wholeness, interconnectedness, spirituality, and embodiment, all qualities that are desperately needed for the transformation of our society.

We believe that people gain the most from IFS (or any form of therapy) when they fully understand the model and know how to use it in working on themselves, with or without a therapist. IFS is well-suited to this self-directed approach because the Self is the agent of healing, not the therapist. Participants are empowered to be in charge of their own healing. In addition to individual and couple IFS therapy, we offer IFS classes, groups, workshops, and trainings.

We support and collaborate with the Center for Self-Leadership, www.selfleadership.org, the official IFS organization started by Richard Schwartz, PhD. We are committed to disseminating the understandings of IFS as widely as possible, developing its theory, and enhancing its practice. To this end, we write articles and books on IFS, offer professional training and supervision in IFS, and we will be producing booklets and videos.