August 8 Webinar: Great Turning Groups

I envision Great Turning groups as being the backbone of a new activist organization, the Great Turning Network, which is dedicated to whole-system social transformation.

These groups will be cohesive, committed, and long term. They will involve not only political action but also consciousness raising and education (about the current state of the world, the prospect for transformation, the evolutionary perspective, and more), capacity development (such as leadership, communication, and collaboration), group bonding, and support for each person finding their contribution to the Great Turning based on their life purpose.

In the Great Turning Groups, we will be fostering the regenerative culture that we want for society—a culture of caring, mutual respect, connectedness, cooperation, empowerment of all, generosity, love of nature, appreciation of diversity, and active hope.

These must not just be intellectual ideas but deeply felt values. This way they will infuse the organization as it gets larger and must deal with more difficult conflicts and temptations. The Great Turning groups will also provide a deep sense of community, which has largely been lost in the developed nations as the Modern Era has progressed. I envision the Great Turning groups being self-propagating with aid from the organization, as some people from successful groups start new groups.

Thursday, August 8
4:30-6:30 pm pacific time (7:30-9:30 eastern)
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This webinar is the third in a series of three.

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