Australia IFS Class

Bonnie Weiss LCSWIn this four session video-conference class you will learn about the Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) model of psychotherapy.

We will discuss the IFS understanding of parts, the structure of the psyche, how to access the Self, working with protectors, and healing exiles. It features lecture and discussion, demonstration IFS sessions, and pairing up for practice IFS sessions.

There will be lecture and discussion, live demonstrations, case consultation, and (optional) practice IFS sessions in pairs for homework.

Small learning group/s will be limited to 8-10 persons maximum (a wait-list will run for next class).

These classes have been scheduled to be compatible with the Australian timezone. However participants from all over are invited to join us.

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The sessions are running Saturdays 0900-1100
6th and 20th February
5th and 19th March

(Australian EST = UTC/GMT+11 hours)

Equivalent times in US timezones – all welcome!
Fridays 5th and 19th February and 4th March – 2-4pm (PST) – 5-7pm (EST)

Note! the 18th March will be effected by the DLS time change – 3-5pm (PDT) – 6-8pm (EDT)

Check other timezone differences here

The class is open to people everywhere.

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