Beyond Eating Issues: Using Internal Family Systems Therapy for Self-nurturing and Learning to Love Ourselves

Those of us with food-related, body image, and assertion problems often have deep conflicts about nurturing ourselves and finding our rightful place in the world.  We are plagued by conflicting inner parts of ourselves that seem to want opposing things. These parts push and pull at us: “Be thin!” “Eat what you want!” “Don’t make waves!” “You deserve more!,” until we fog ourselves to sleep out of confusion and exhaustion and fear.

We think we want to tame the Cookie Monster, but the issue at hand is NOT choosing the right diet program. It is finding a venue where these opposing voices can be identified and explored. Each voice represents a part of you that is trying to protect or take care of you in some way.  They each have their own history and beliefs that can be understood and compassionately attended to.

This phone course will focus on the particular parts that torment people with self-nurturing issues. It is for newcomers and people who are experienced with IFS.

The format allows for individual work with me, opportunities to work in dyads with group members, large group exercises and the mining of group wisdom. The goal is to create a supportive environment for understanding and reweaving the inner landscape.