Witnessing the Childhood Origin of an Exile’s Pain

Once you have permission and have gotten to know an exile, ask her to show you what happened in childhood to cause her pain. Once the exile shows you the memory, ask her to fill in as much of the details as she wants.

IFS Exiles Course Starts June 29 2020

I will be offering the IFS Exiles Course. The prerequisite for this course is the IFS Basic Course or equivalent.

IFS Intro Webinar and IFS Basic Course

This free introductory webinar on June 9 will introduce IFS and give you a taste of working on yourself with this approach. IFS Basic Course starts June 16.

Personal Growth Group

This Personal Growth Group is based on IFS Capacity Work. Capacity Work focuses on the healthy capacities you would like to have to live your life more fully, joyfully, and effectively.

Webinar: Intro to IFS Capacity Work

This introductory webinar on June 4 will show how IFS and Capacity Work can be combined to enhance your personal growth.

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