Conscious Blending in IFS

What is Conscious Blending Normally, in IFS you must not be blended with a part when you work with it. There is an exception to the need for unblending with exiles. Sometimes it is all right to feel an exile’s pain. If you don’t feel thrown off by the experience and it doesn’t keep you […]

A Social Movement for the Great Turning

 A free presentation by Jay Earley and Michael Goldstein A Social Movement for the Great Turning Thursday, April 25, 2019 Our world is in the midst of a planetary crisis leading to a historical transformation. The severity of problems we are confronting is staggering. But it is not chance that all these things are happening […]

Working Through Avoidance of IFS Work

Often this happens because a hidden protector doesn’t really want to do the exercise or session. In other words, even though a part of you has decided that working on yourself would be beneficial, another part of you is balking.

New Date: IFS Basic Course Starts April 16

This course is the beginning of learning IFS. It teaches you how to access Self and work with protectors.

March 26: IFS Introductory Seminar

This free introductory seminar will introduce IFS and give you a taste of working on yourself using this approach. It will include experiential exercises and a demonstration IFS session. You can ask me questions about the model and about the upcoming Basic IFS Class. The IFS Idea IFS is based on the idea that the […]

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