Protectors in IFS: Manager-Firefighter Polarization

Managers and firefighters are the two kinds of protectors in IFS.Protectors in IFS

In IFS, two parts are polarized when they are in conflict with each other about how you will behave or feel in a certain situation.

This article is an excerpt from my new book, Self-Therapy, Vol. 2. I also teach about polarization in my Advanced IFS Classes.

Managers and firefighters are the two kinds of protectors in IFS. They are frequently polarized with each other.

Most firefighters tend to be oriented toward excitement and intensity, fun and thrills.

Most managers tend to be oriented toward control and order, especially if they are trying to stop the destructive activity of firefighters.

In fact, as a result of successful IFS work, you might experience a decrease in the thrills that come from firefighters and begin to feel that your life has become boring. This difference in orientation between managers and firefighters lends itself toward polarization.

Because firefighter activity is often dangerous and self-destructive, managers come forward that are judgmental of firefighters and try to limit their behavior.

In fact, for every harmful firefighter, there is usually a manager that is polarized with it which is trying to stop the firefighter from causing problems in your life.

When a manager doesn’t succeed in stopping a firefighter, it often becomes harshly judgmental toward you for engaging in the firefighter activity. It shames you in an attempt to prevent the firefighter from acting out again. For example, after you binge on food, a manager may arise that shames you for getting out of control.

When your life is being ruined by a firefighter, it is easy to think that you just need to work with this part and get it to change. However, because of the presence of polarization, it usually isn’t enough to only work with the destructive firefighter and the exile it protects. You often must also engage with the controlling manager and work on the polarization directly.



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When to Switch Target Parts

BK001-Self Therapy-aThis excerpt, When to Switch Target Parts, is from my upcoming book, Self-Therapy, Vol. 2, which is an advanced book on IFS.

Let’s suppose you have chosen a protector to work on, called your target part. As you are getting to know it, another part may emerge. It is best to take a moment to feel the new part’s emotions or body sensations and perhaps ask it a question or two. Then make a conscious choice about whether to ask it to step aside so you can continue with your original target part or whether to switch and make the new part your target part.

The following are reasons why you might switch target parts:

  • A concerned part or protector won’t step aside.
  • An important new part arises.
  • A part arises that is usually not accessible.
  • A part insists on being heard.
  • The target part is afraid of another part.
  • The target part takes orders from another part.

The following are reasons why you might stay with your origins target part:

  • You want to finish with the target part.
  • You haven’t finished with any parts.
  • The target part feels ignored by you.

How do you tend to deal with the question of switching target parts? There are healthy and problematic ways of doing this. One problematic way is the Scattered Pattern, which involves following each new part that arises without making a conscious choice to do so. Whenever a new part pops up, even if you are in the middle of working with a different part, you turn your attention to the new part without even considering whether or not this is a good idea.

If you do this very often, your work will end up being scattered. You will get pulled this way and that. Every new part will take you off in a new direction, and you won’t make much progress with any one part. You will bounce around in your psyche, not getting far enough along with the steps of the IFS process for real therapeutic change to happen.

The opposite extreme is the Rigid Pattern, which involves being so focused on staying with your target part that you ignore other parts that arise. You are like a horse with blinders on. Or, if you notice another part, you immediately ask it to step aside without acknowledging it or considering its importance.

Here are some of the problems that can result from the Rigid Pattern:

  1. You might overlook a part that is crucial to work on that day. For various reasons, a part that spontaneously arises might be important to deal with, and you won’t realize this because of your single-mindedness.
  2. A part may spontaneously arise that has an important relationship to your target part. It might be polarized with the target part. It might be an exile being protected by the target part. It might be allied with the target part. You don’t want to ignore a part like this; you want to get to know it because this will help your work with the original target part.
  3. The parts that are arising and being ignored might become resentful and sabotage your work with the original target part.

Self-Nurturing Meditation

hearts-154741_1280Self-nurturing helps you create a positive state of mind.

One of the practical benefits of the brain research information from the neuropsychology labs is letting us know that there are significant health benefits from having a positive state of mind.

When we feel good about ourselves, hopeful about our lives, and deserving of love and support, this resets our cardiac system, helps regulate our emotional state, and creates increasingly satisfying experiences.  

I have recorded this meditation as a delicious breath of fresh air for relaxing your mind and enlivening your soul and its innate possibilities. I invite you to receive these loving and nurturing affirmations before bed as a splendid evening treat.

The meditation takes you to an open, accessible place where positive statements can be absorbed into your consciousness.  It helps you to…

  • Love yourself and sense your preciousness
  • Feel deserving of the good things in life
  • Have permission to be spontaneous, playful, and joyous


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Beyond Eating Audio CourseI am very excited to announce the Beyond Eating Audio Course.

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It is linked with our on-line community of other journeyers where you can find support and homework partners.

It is geared toward deepening your understanding of your relationship with food and eating, and in addition, it has the potential to affect your sense of yourself in profound ways.

My wish is that you come away with more compassion for yourself, the ability to stand more separately from your parts, a greater capacity for making healthy choices, and a deeper sense of your own preciousness.

Bonnie Weiss, LCSW ♥

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Marla Silverman PhDMarla Silverman, PhD

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Bonnie Weiss, LCSW

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New Pattern Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations For the Victim, Taskmaster, and Destroyer Patterns

Our online store has had a number of recorded guided meditations that take you through the first part of an Internal Family systems Therapy (IFS) session, and now we have added quite a few more.

Each guided meditation is designed to work with a certain pattern. You access the part of you that enacts that pattern, get to know it, find out what it is trying to do for you, and develop a trusting relationship with it.

IFS has discovered that every part has a positive intent for you. This makes it much easier to connect with the part and help it to let go. In this meditation, you will discover the part’s intent and connect with it. This is a crucial step in transforming the pattern.

We have now added three new pattern meditations—for

PM22-IFS-Pattern-Meditation-Victim-PatternThe Victim Pattern:  If you have the Victim Pattern, you see yourself as being wronged by someone or in an impossible situation. In other words, you believe that your problems exist because bad things were done to you.



PM21-IFS-Pattern-Meditation-Taskmaster-PatternThe Taskmaster Pattern:   If you have the Taskmaster Pattern, you have an intense focus on hard work or discipline. You may have this because you want to be successful and thereby gain the satisfactions of success—money, praise, power, freedom, or admiration.



PM19-IFS-Pattern-Meditation-Destroyer-PatternThe Destroyer Pattern:  The Destroyer makes pervasive attacks on your fundamental self-worth. It shames you in such a deep way that you feel intrinsically flawed.




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