Food Addiction Quiz

We know more about diet and health than any population in the history of the world. Yet most of us are overweight or obese. Why?

According to the latest research, it turns out that many of us are literally addicted to food. Are you?

Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has developed a free quiz to help you find out how susceptible you are to food addiction.

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After the quiz, Susan will give you your score and a customized Food Freedom video to help you understand what it means for your life.

How you respond to sweet, snacky foods is deeply linked to your level of susceptibility.

In 2015, Dr. Susan helped people lose 43,00 pounds, and GAIN Food Freedom.

The first step is knowing how susceptible you are to the pull of addictive foods. Take her free quiz and find out how you score.

Self-Nurturing Meditation

hearts-154741_1280Self-nurturing helps you create a positive state of mind.

One of the practical benefits of the brain research information from the neuropsychology labs is letting us know that there are significant health benefits from having a positive state of mind.

When we feel good about ourselves, hopeful about our lives, and deserving of love and support, this resets our cardiac system, helps regulate our emotional state, and creates increasingly satisfying experiences.  

I have recorded this meditation as a delicious breath of fresh air for relaxing your mind and enlivening your soul and its innate possibilities. I invite you to receive these loving and nurturing affirmations before bed as a splendid evening treat.

The meditation takes you to an open, accessible place where positive statements can be absorbed into your consciousness.  It helps you to…

  • Love yourself and sense your preciousness
  • Feel deserving of the good things in life
  • Have permission to be spontaneous, playful, and joyous


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