Collaborating with Aligned Organizations

This article is based on my ideas about the Great Turning Movement. If you aren’t familiar with them, click here.

This article discusses how the Great Turning Network can collaborate with aligned organizations that are already contributing to the Great Turning, whether they realize it or not. This will help the Great Turning Movement to grow and spread.

We need to coordinate with the single-issue groups and movements that are protecting the earth, people, and democracy. It would be ideal if these organizations and movements recognize that they can be part of this larger social transformation movement and work together to support it, because if we succeed in transforming society, their causes will be greatly aided. Some members of the Great Turning Network will naturally be involved with asingle-issue group because they care deeply about the issue being addressed by that group. They can advocate within that group for collaborating.

The Great Turning Network also needs to collaborate with people and organizations whose work is directly contributing to the Great Turning even if they don’t fully realize this–for example, the organizations involved with social, ecological, professional, and economic innovations. After all, social transformation is an idea that is flowing at this time; if it weren’t, we would have no hope of success.

There are some organizations that are not only contributing to the Great Turning but are consciously aiming for this . We are approaching them first as we start to build this coalition.

All in all, there are many groups, organizations, and movements that are part of the larger Great Turning Movement. As I put my ideas out into the world, I keep discovering more and more of them. Hopefully we can coordinate with and support each other.

In approaching organizations about collaboration, the Great Turning Network isn’t going to present ourselves as an umbrella organization for them to join. Instead, we will explore with each organization what would most help them to be more successful and learn what kind of collaboration would be of benefit to them. To the extent that collaboration is successful, it will come from a joint effort from all the organizations involved, stemming from their ideas and needs, not ours.

My initial thoughts on what we might collaborate about:

  • Publicity for inspiring the public and showing that the Great Turning can happen
  • Tracking all the contributors to the Great Turning, so people can see what’s happening and what organization they might want to join. (Some organizations are already tracking contributions in their areas, such as Bioneers or the Next System Project.)
  • Working together on specific projects or actions
  • Sharing expertise about processes (for groups, projects, or actions)
  • Sharing resources

Hopefully, many more ideas will arise as we have conversations with these groups.