Core Intention Professional Training with Mark Hurwich

Jay Earley, PhD about Mark Hurwich and his Core Intention training.

Mark Hurwich I highly recommend this training that Mark Hurwich is offering. Mark is an IFS coach who I have worked with, and I’m very impressed with his Core Intention process work.

“Core Intention” is our essence, our why, our raison d’être. When we’re operating from our core intention, we come from a place of power, peace, compassion, and centeredness in how we are and what we do.

The Core Intention Professional Training give you mastery-level skills to lead Anchoring to Core Intention℠ sessions with clients or others you serve. When you’re done, you’ll be able to help clients articulate what they want powerfully, as well as connect to their gifts and purpose on the planet. You’ll also have the skills to guide clients to a visceral experience of a future where desired outcomes are realized and gifts expressed, and give clients an “anchor” to bring the experience back into the present time.

Mark will also teach body-based techniques to calibrate issues and outcomes (so clients can see how they’ve shifted as a result of the work you’ve led), and how to integrate these tools into the IFS (Internal Family Systems) model and other modalities.

April 13 – June 8 (6 classes, every other week)
10-11:30 am central time
Fee: $697

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