The Destroyer Inner Critic

Destroyer Inner CriticThe Destroyer Inner Critic is one of the seven types of Critics. It makes pervasive attacks on your fundamental self-worth. It shames you in such a deep way that you feel intrinsically flawed. You believe you cannot be redeemed. The Destroyer launches very primitive attacks on you that may not even have much content. Your Destroyer may not communicate in words but rather in body feelings of shame and depression.

Your Destroyer Critic may make you feel that you don’t deserve to exist. It may try to destroy or annihilate you. It may cause you to feel very depressed and hopeless about yourself and your life.

The Destroyer is the most harmful and debilitating of all the types of Inner Critics. It usually originates very early in your life, often from the first year or two when you didn’t have much in the way of words available.

However, like all protectors, the Destroyer Critic is actually trying to protect you either from underlying pain or from what it perceives as attacks from other people. It is stuck in the past and doesn’t realize that you aren’t in danger now and you could handle the underlying pain better than its attacks. So, using IFS, you can get to know your Destroyer and develop a trusting relationship with it rather than fighting with it. This allows you to ultimately heal the exiles it is protecting and transform it.

For a detailed story of someone with a Destroyer, look at our book, Freedom from Your Inner Critic.

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