Doing IFS Sessions

Self-Therapy Journey uses IFS to help you transform your Inner Critic parts, mainly through guided meditations. However, it doesn’t teach you have to do an IFS session on your own or with a partner. That is beyond the scope of STJ and this course.

I know that some of you have been learning how to do IFS sessions. Some of you have read my books Self-Therapy and Freedom from Your Inner Critic. Some of you have previously taken my IFS Courses or IFS Inner Critic Courses or maybe learned IFS in some other way.

If you have the ability to do an IFS session, here is how you can use it in conjunction with the course. When you have done one of the IFS guided meditations in STJ, sometimes your inner work on that part won’t be complete. Perhaps you got stuck somewhere and the meditation didn’t address that. Perhaps a part came up that is different from the Inner Critic part that the meditation was focused on and you feel that this new part is important to work with. Perhaps, in Stage 2, you need to do more witnessing with an exile before the healing steps. In these cases and others, you can follow up after the meditation and continue your IFS work to bring it to completion if you have the skills.

So, if you are one of those people who have the skill to do IFS work without a guided meditation, you could ask your partner for the week to be a witness for you as you do this. Or if you happen to be paired with someone who also knows IFS in this way, they could help to guide you through an IFS session, just like people do for homework in my IFS classes.