This article is based on my ideas about the Great Turning Movement. If you aren’t familiar with them, click here. It is linked to from my article Visions of a Regenerative Society. It describes how education might look in a transformed society.

Education will be for the whole person, not just the intellect. Students will learn about their emotions, relationships, and intuition. They will study art, dance, music, athletics, spirituality (non-sectarian), society, evolution, social change, personal growth, and so on. They will learn through involvement with the community, nature, and their bodies.

Education will be largely student-led, with students choosing what they want to study. It will be based on students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn rather than having them regurgitate facts. The Process View reminds us if we can flow with people’s natural desire to learn, they will work hard with passion on what they care about. Teachers will also be freer to plan their teaching based on their own creativity rather than having to follow a fixed curriculum. There are many schools already operating based on these principles—democratic schools, free schools, Waldorf, Montessori.

Students will learn to hold and work with multiple perspectives on any given question rather than being taught the right answer. This doesn’t mean that all perspectives are equally valid, but it means that the wisdom needed doesn’t sit in only one location.

Education will also be more of a life-long affair for everyone, rather than being limited to young people and those preparing for jobs.