Enrollment for the STJ Inner Critic Course

You probably already registered with STJ when you took the Inner Critic quiz. This is free.

Enrollment has a cost. There are two enrollment choices to make:

  1. Choose your enrollment level.
  2. Purchase each pattern and wound separately or subscribe to all of STJ.

Choosing Enrollment Level

There are three levels of enrollment for STJ–Shift, Change, and Transformation. However, the Shift level is too limited for this course. You can ignore it.

If you want to be able to work with your emotional wounds from the past that underlie your Inner Critic patterns, then you choose the Transformation Level. That is what I recommend. This requires getting an access code. Click here for an explanation of this.

If you don’t want to work with your emotional wounds, then choose the Change Level.

Subscription vs. Individual Purchases

If you aren’t sure yet how much you are committed to STJ or if your money is very tight, you might choose to purchase just one pattern at a time (for $14.50 each) and one wound at a time (for $8 each). If you know which Inner Critic pattern you want to start with, you can just enroll for that pattern, and then see what other patterns or wounds you might also want to purchase as you go along. (When you purchase a pattern or wound, you have access to it forever.) If you later find yourself wanting to purchase a number more, then switching to a subscription would be more cost effective.

If you are committed to STJ and you sense that you will want to work on a number of different patterns and wounds (and capacities), then you might want to start with a subscription. A subscription at the Transformation Level costs $40/month and gives you access to all of STJ for as long as you subscribe (not just the Inner Critic patterns but everything). A subscription at the Change Level costs $30/month gives you access to all of STJ except Stage 2 (wounds) for as long as you subscribe.

For more details about STJ enrollment, click here.