Health Care

This article is based on my ideas about the Great Turning Movement. If you aren’t familiar with them, click here. It is linked to from my article Visions of a Regenerative Society. It briefly describes how health care might look in a transformed society.

Health care and medicine will not be controlled by insurance companies, freeing health care practitioners to spend a reasonable amount of time with patients. Health care will be considered a basic right as education is now, so that no one will struggle to afford the care they or their family needs.

People will live healthy lifestyles—including exercise, a healthy diet of organic, local food, adequate supplements, healthy relationships, community, and so on. We will use acupuncture, chi gung, meditation, martial arts, dance, and other activities to foster health. This way of living will prevent many of the diseases that we struggle with now.

When people need health care, they will use conventional medicine only for what it excels at—repairing the body after an accident, serious diseases, bacterial infections, and so on. Since conventional medicine, for the most part, handles symptoms and doesn’t address the causes of disease, alternatives are needed. People will use acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, integrative medicine, and other holistic approaches that focus on helping the body-as-a-whole to be healthy.

When a hospital stay is needed, instead of antiseptic surroundings, unhealthy food, and overworked nurses, hospitals will provide a congenial atmosphere, pleasing décor, and personal attention and caring, which promote healing.