IFS Courses

Self-Led Personal Growth in Community

  • Learn to use IFS by yourself and with others
  • Transform your psychological issues
  • Heal your wounded inner child parts
  • Develop a psychological practice for personal growth
  • Join a community of people who work with each other

Today’s personal growth approaches can be self-led. You can learn to work on yourself or with a partner. You don’t need to depend on a psychotherapist, workshop leader, or spiritual teacher (though there is still an important role for them). And if this work happens in community, the resulting self-reflection, caring, and connection can become part of our culture and not just something we do in isolation to improve our lives.

We offer courses on self-led Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) where you learn how to work on yourself using IFS and how to do IFS peer counseling with others in the class. These courses are also useful for people who are working with an IFS therapist because they increase your skill in using the model.

What people are saying

I have taken tons of teleclasses and Jay’s was organized really well. Some classes are healing, but you don’t take it with you. Jay’s had both deep transformation and learning that made it easy to keep going afterward. It was an excellent course, I really loved it.
Linda McLyman, M.S., leadership consultant, Syracuse, NY

The format and questions I learned in Jay Earley’s Basic IFS Course was foundational for me and provided me with a deeper understanding of the process. His lists of questions to ask a protector, for instance, might at first seem exhaustive, or obvious, but I found that they really were able to help me dig deep and see things I would have taken for granted or overlooked.

In addition, I found his personal work with individuals very instructive. Especially since he does the work and then reviews how and why he did what he did, asking targeted or open questions, etc. Doing this repeatedly really opened things up for me. I think no matter how much you know, the work takes on a whole other level when you have a thorough foundation and then are able to learn to see and hear in the same way a therapist does.

It really also enables you to LOOK more deeply into yourself, in a gentle, open way so that all your parts really learn to trust you in Self. And the spiritual underpinnings–the compassion, kindness, acceptance, and openness- are more easily evoked under Jay’s good example and explicit instructions which come from his consciousness being deeply imbued with these qualities.
Elizabeth Russell, Florida

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Since 2005, we have taught IFS Courses to thousands of people. They learn to apply the IFS model in their lives, and they do deep and powerful peer-counseling sessions with each other. These are  videoconference courses so we can all see each other, which contributes to group connection and safety. Most courses consists of 6 weekly two-hour conference calls.

IFS Courses

  • Basic Course. How to be in Self and work with protective parts.
  • Exiles Course. How to work with vulnerable child parts and heal them.
  • Advanced IFS Classes. Ongoing classes where you learn intermediate and advanced IFS techniques and understandings, plus a chance to work on your issues, both in class and for homework. Some classes include activities and topics for therapists.
  • Inner Critic Course. Transform that critical part of you that shames and doubts you, using IFS.
  • Eating Issues/Self-Nurturing Course. Taught by Bonnie Weiss. Work through overeating issues and learn how to take care of yourself using IFS.

Courses for Professionals

  • Advanced IFS Classes. Ongoing classes where you can deepen your knowledge of IFS techniques and theory and get training and supervision, plus a chance to work on your own issues, both in class and for homework. .

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