Advanced IFS Techniques for Healing Exiles

Advanced IFS Techniques for Healing Exiles
For Therapists and Other Professionals
Jay Earley, PhD

This course will cover a variety of techniques for healing exiles that are usually not covered in the Level 1 IFS Training.

  1. We will look in detail at the process of reparenting an exile and providing it with a corrective emotional experience. Sometimes it is helpful to rework the original harmful childhood situation to give the exile a new healing experience. Other times it is necessary to provide reparenting but the exile won’t accept the reparenting from the Self, so you will learn how to provide this reparenting in other ways.
  1. We will explore the different types of burdens that exiles can carry and the best form of healing for each type.
  1. You will learn how to work with “disowned parts,” which can be thought of as exiles without burdens.
  1. We will explore how to determine when you are working with a protector subpart of an exile rather than the pure exile and what to do about this.
  1. You will learn what it means for an exile to be carrying a legacy burden and how this changes the unburdening process.
  1. There are certain circumstances in the process of healing an exile when it is important to incorporate somatic awareness.
  1. You will learn how to embody and integrate the new transformed experience of an exile after it has been unburdened.

Approved for 12 IFS CE’s.

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