Communication from the Heart Course

Would you like to…

  • Communicate well with your spouse or partner?
  • Interact more successfully at work?
  • Deal more effectively with your children or parents?
  • Work through conflicts constructively?
  • Deepen your connections with people?

In this course you will…

  • Learn a communication method based on the latest psychological understanding
  • Role play interacting with people in your life
  • Learn about your patterns of relating to others
  • Develop interpersonal life practices tailored to you

Internal Family Systems Therapy teaches us a great deal about how our internal parts react to other people and how this affects our relationships. It shows us how to keep centered under emotional stress (or work with ourselves and return to center) and so we can communicate from an open place. I have taught many IFS courses for self-help and peer counseling.

I have been leading Interactive Therapy Groups for over 25 years, in which group members learn about communication and successful relating by working on how they relate to each other (see Interactive Group Therapy). I have developed the Pattern System, a way of understanding your interpersonal patterns and their underlying psychological dynamics.

This course will teach a new approach to communication based on IFS, Interactive Groups, the Pattern System, and other communication and relationship methods.

In the course you can bring up a difficult relationship in your life and role play interacting with this person. This allows you to practice staying in a centered place and applying the communication method in the face of this person’s responses.

Many communication methods give you a formula for how to talk to people successfully. However, in those difficult situations where good communication is most needed, human beings don’t communicate in such structured ways. We muddle through. Even at our best, we sometimes get off with each other and need to repair the disconnection. The approach I teach in this course is not a formula but a way of being with yourself and others.

Courses are both in person and by telephone. Click here for information about telephone courses.

These courses are appropriate both for people who have taken my IFS Courses and for those who haven’t.

Articles on Communication:

What is Going on Inside When You are in the Middle of a Conflict

What to Do in the Middle of a Conflict

Listening to the Other Person

Expressing Yourself in a Conflict

Attitudes in Communication from the Heart

Communication from the Heart is also a component of our Ongoing Groups. (See Schedule.)

Other possible next steps:
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