Beyond Eating: Dealing with Food Addiction & Learning to Nurture Ourselves

by Bonnie Weiss, LCSW

  • Do you overeat to soothe yourself when you are upset?
  • Have you tried to diet but always gain it back?
  • Do you feel like food is the only love you get?
  • Do you plan to have a couple of cookies and then finish the whole box?
  • Do you obsess about food way too much?
  • Do you feel ashamed of yourself after going on a binge?


Those of us with food-related, body image, and assertion problems often have deep conflicts about nurturing ourselves and finding our rightful place in the world.  We are plagued by conflicting inner parts of ourselves that seem to want opposing things. These parts push and pull at us: “Be thin!” “Eat what you want!” “Don’t make waves!” “You deserve more!,” until we fog ourselves to sleep out of confusion, exhaustion and fear.

We think we want to tame the Cookie Monster, but the issue at hand is  NOT choosing the right diet program. It is finding a venue where these opposing voices can be identified and explored. Each voice represents a part of you that is trying to protect or take care of you in some way.  They each have their own history and beliefs that can be understood and compassionately attended to.

Using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey, these parts can be healed and transformed.
This will help you to…
• Stop eating when you are full.
• Know the difference between hunger and your other needs.
• Eat a healthy diet.
• Lose weight — and keep it off!
• Be relaxed around food.
• Nurture yourself in a loving way

This will ultimately lead to…
• Feeling good about yourself
• Feeling vibrant and attractive
• Being healthy and fit
• Feeling confident in social settings

I offer a six-week phone course on these issues. There is also an introductory teleseminar and a separate webinar co-led by Jay Earley, PhD. The courses and intros are for both people who are experienced with IFS and those who are new to it.

The format  allows for individual work with me, opportunities to work in pairs with group members, large group exercises, and the mining of group wisdom.

The goal is to create a supportive environment for understanding and reweaving the inner landscape.

Click here to listen to a teleseminar recording of Beyond Eating: Dealing with Food Addictions.

See the schedule for upcoming courses.

What People are Saying

Thank you, Bonnie! Because of the Beyond Eating class, I was able to get through the holiday season with flying colors!  It was the first time I can ever recall not going to bed in pain on Thanksgiving from overeating. I typically gain 8-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and January 1. This year, only two, and that came off very easily!!!  I would also give credit to IFS for helping me lose 19 lbs. since last January. Taking this class has helped me get past a place on the scale where I had been stuck for many months.  Breaking the 200 barrier was also a great triumph.

I have continued to do my inner work and be mindful since the class ended. There is a sense of understanding and control I have never experienced before. Also the fear that this control is temporary is gone.  What a relief!  I know that using IFS to understand and deal with the emotional issues I have around weight is the answer I have sought for over 40 years.  Physically, I am much more active and agile; my knees and back are happier; and, yes, I like what I see reflected in the mirror. I am very, very grateful.

~ A Therapist, WA

I recently attended the Beyond Eating series. This course came at the right time for me, giving me both the support and caring company of others; and access to the refined tools developed by Bonnie and Jay to make the IFS model easily digestible. Bonnie is a lovely facilitator who blends insight, the present-moment beauty of her years of Gestalt work, and the subtle and skillful application of the IFS model. The work allows each person to delve into what’s mucky in this habitual struggle with food addiction and find hope and clarity. This experience was transformational in deepening my understanding of my own internal system and bringing me gently and respectfully into relationship with its component parts. I would sum up my experience as another level of embracing inner freedom. This work, coupled with my long-standing spiritual practice, has brought me to a new place inside, a stronger foundation of Self in order to make room for what’s possible.
~ Charlotte Nuessle, Yoga Therapist/Educator

My expectations were exceeded in participating in the Beyond Eating 2012 phone course. I experienced a safe place to become known. I encountered discovery, attention and wisdom from the group as well as from Bonnie. “Shift Happens” and I encountered new personal freedom and compassion in areas using the IFS model that I had not known before. Bonnie is a gentle, compassionate facilitator/teacher/counselor with a deep understanding of the IFS Eating Cluster that brought new wisdom and understanding to my parts. I highly recommend the course to encounter love, support, discovery and empowerment.
~ Tamara Coil

Participating in this class was a very important experience for me. I was struck by the awareness of how I had accepted the harshness of my Internal Critic regarding my relationship with food and my body image. The  kindness that I experienced from Bonnie, and the other participants was inexpressively THE MOST important thing.  It is priceless for me. I have learned to be softer and kinder towards myself, others, and all of our parts. I clearly see  that they are here for survival, and with gentle attention, they open, reveal themselves and heal.
~ A psychotherapist