Transforming Your Inner Critic Course

Taught by Jay Earley, PhD

In the Inner Critic Course you will:

  • Develop the grounding and strength to separate from your Critic’s messages so you have room to breathe and find your center again.
  • Learn about the seven types of Inner Critic parts and which ones are problematic for you.
  • Discover that your Inner Critic is actually trying to help and protect you (even though it actually causes trouble).
  • Learn how to get to know and begin to transform your Critic using Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).
  • Develop your Inner Champion to support you to be yourself and feel good about yourself.

For more information on the Inner Critic, click here, or read the book Freedom from Your Inner Critic.


This Inner Critic Course consists of live sessions by videoconference where you get to interact with Jay and a small number of other participants. Since we can see each other, it allows us to really create connection and trust in the group. We will teach you how to do this powerful inner work and demonstrate it using live IFS sessions with volunteers from the class. You will also be paired up each week with someone from the class to practice doing an IFS session on yourself with your partner witnessing and helping you.

What People are Saying

Overall my anxiety level has gone down during the class which I took during a stressful transition period in my life.  In the class I have learned to effectively work with some young exiles and the critics that protect them.  I’ve made progress to making some difficult decisions.  The class has greatly facilitated my understanding and ability to work with critics in myself and others.  The class offers very helpful map and methods for navigating the territory of the inner critic and related issues.
An IFS therapist, Portland, OR

I learned a great deal about the idea of  ‘The Inner Critic’ personally and conceptually.   The course beautifully wove theoretical, spiritual and experiential aspects of  the IFS model to a class with people of varying levels of IFS.  As the class ‘bonded’,  it became a safe place to disclose personal issues and do deeper work.  I found myself being very sad at our last class, and another member and I have decided to ‘meet’ once a week to work with each other to keep it going!
Kathy F. Grace, Licensed Professional Counselor

I had reached a roadblock with traditional therapy methods.  I had developed empathy for others yet was having difficulty turning that empathy toward myself.  The voice of my Inner Critic was LOUD and this critic part was very unloving toward me.  With IFS I learned that each of my protector parts, negative as they sounded, really had a positive motivation for me.  And the real shift came when I discovered that each part was protecting an exiled child, a young version of me that had been given too much responsibility at too young of an age.  I certainly could feel empathy for that exiled child.  This discovery softened the voice of the perfectionist critic and started me on a journey of self-forgiveness.  After intellectually knowing I was deserving empathy, I now have a method that assists me in practicing that knowing.
Sandy, Non-profit Business Manager, Northeast PA

Since I have taken a number of the IFS classes, I have noticed many changes in myself. I went to home to India December and my family commented on some big changes that they noticed in me. They commented that I was more self-confident and self- sufficient. My personal experience is that I am happier and more light hearted and aware of my parts in my everyday life.
Lila, Internal Medicine Physician

This experience has upset the apple cart for me, in a very positive way. Everything went up in the air! Prior to the class, I had been trying to deal with things that I didn’t fully understand or have a vocabulary for. The whole process of identifying and naming parts began to shift my perceptions of who I am. I now realize that there are distinct entities in my consciousness, each with roles and characteristics, all connected in complex ways to each other and to my sense of Self. I am just beginning to explore these entities and their connections, and to understand how powerfully they can influence my thoughts, feelings and actions. The course helped me get unstuck and feel much more optimistic about the possibilities ahead.
Richard, International Consultant

I highly recommend the Inner Critic Course. This is a different way to work with the inner critics that have been hounding me for much of my adult life. And although I generally don’t care for the word “transformational”, that indeed describes the shift in my relationship with my critics. I finally realize that they have my best intentions in mind and simply want to help me do my best. The course was a gentle, highly-supported process of educating myself about what’s underneath their actions and letting them know that I appreciate their intention. This is a pivotal understanding, one that has allowed me to move into a more peaceful and wholesome relationship with all members of my “inner committee.”
Judy Gross, MEd, Milford, NH