Ongoing Advanced IFS Phone Class for Professionals

I have really been enjoying teaching the last two IFS phone courses for therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals. And the participants have enjoyed them so much that a many wanted to continue. They especially appreciated how much they go from pairing with each other for practice sessions. Since I have a lot more interesting advanced IFS techniques and understandings to teach, I would like to extend this in an ongoing way.

Therefore I will be teaching an ongoing advanced IFS class for professionals by teleconference. This class will meet twice a month. It will be similar to the other classes in that the first hour will be for questions and teaching, and the second hour for a demo session. And people will pair up with each other by phone between sessions to practice IFS. Since this is a morning class in CA, it will be in the evening for Europeans.

First Hour

  1. Check-in, including sharing what happened during the practice sessions.
  2. Questions that came up during practice or on reflecting on the previous week’s teaching.
  3. Consultations on your clients.
  4. Questions about applying IFS with clients.

Second Hour

  1. Demo IFS session with a volunteer from the class working with me.
  2. Demo IFS session with one participant volunteering to be the therapist for someone else in the class. I supervise you as the session progresses as well as discussing it afterwards. I have done this before, and it is an excellent learning opportunity, not only for the person volunteering but for the whole class.

Day: First and third Fridays of each month (unless we reschedule for vacations)
Time: 10am – 12 noon pacific time (1-3 pm eastern)
Cost: $50/session
Starts: Friday, May 15

Each class will be recorded so you can listen to any that you miss.

Call Jay at 415-924-5256 or email Jay at to discuss joining the class or to enroll.