Patterns of Intimacy

IntimacyDimensionWhat are your relational patterns around intimacy in a love relationship?

  • Do you avoid intimacy, need it too much, fear it, love it?
  • Can you be autonomous in a relationship without denying your needs?
  • Do you get overly dependent in relationships, or can you support yourself?
  • How do you react when you aren’t in a relationship?
  • Do you avoid looking for love? Do you have a hard time being alone?

This free teleseminar will examine the Intimacy Dimension of the Pattern System. Learn about the common problematic patterns and healthy relational capacities that people enact in their love relationships.

Explore the patterns in your current and past relationships. And also how your intimacy patterns play out when a relationship ends or when you are single.

Explore the nature of true closeness and also what it means to be self-supporting while also being intimate.

Learn how to work through patterns of yours that create blocks to intimacy or unhealthy dependence. If you are a therapist or coach, learn how to understand your clients’ intimacy patterns and how to help them. IFS provides powerful tools for transforming problematic intimacy patterns which integrate beautifully with the Pattern System.

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