Procrastination Telephone Class

Discover what is keeping you from accomplishing tasks. Work through blocks to taking action and achieving your goals. Overcome resistance to establishing disciplines for health, well-being, and spiritual practice. When you procrastinate, there is a part of you that is avoiding a task because of unconscious fears. Or a part might be rebelling against the goals set up by your Taskmaster Part.

In this class you will learn about your Procrastinator Part, your Taskmaster Part, and possibly your Rebel Part. Using Internal Family Systems Therapy, you will understand what drives these parts and where that comes from in your childhood. You will learn how to connect with these parts and the wounded child parts they protect. This sets the stage for healing and transforming these parts, so they no longer get in your way. This will open up your ability to accomplish what you need to achieve your goals.

You will learn to do IFS therapy on your parts, and you will practice with other class members for homework. You will also have the opportunity to work together with partners from the class to support each other in accomplishing tasks.

There will be 6 two-hour weekly classes. The text for the class will be Jay’s forthcoming booklet on procrastination.