Internal Family Systems for Spiritual Development

Everett Considine

Are you a spiritual person?  Do you meditate, pray or cultivate a connection to a higher power?  Are you concerned with inner peace, compassion, life purpose, authenticity, love, spiritual practice and/or service?

We all know how sublimely wonderful it feels when we are in the flow and connected.  Life is magical and we move through it with ease.  We also know how those sublime experiences can instantly disappear in the complexity of modern life.   Many times the reason we are pulled out this deeper connection to life is that material from our past is being triggered and protective and wounded parts of ourselves are being called to the surface.  Internal Family Systems gives you a way to work with and transform these parts of yourself.  As you gently build relationships with these parts and heal and transform the deeper wounded parts of yourself, your authentic Self starts to shine more and more.

IFS is a systemic view of the psyche and its use require some sophistication on the part of the practitioner.  Most spiritual practitioners are ideally suited to quickly being able to bring the power of IFS into their lives.  In fact, learning the basics of IFS can be instantly transforming for some people.

In this webinar Everett gives an overview of IFS from a spiritual perspective
and discuss how IFS:

  • Stabilizes and deepens spiritual realization
  • Deepens compassion for self and other
  • Can unmask the spiritual judge and other “spiritual” parts
  • Allows you to work with subtle aspects of the ego that are normally hard to manage
  • Can be integrated into your daily spiritual practices
  • Can be used to support a developing spiritual practice


You can listen to this webinar here:

About Everett:
Everett discovered meditation and his spiritual path when he was 18 years old.  On his spiritual path he’s meditated ten’s of thousands of hours, been initiated as a Buddhist monk and teacher and has taught meditation and mindfulness for many years.  Seven years ago he was introduced to Internal Family Systems and as he integrated this powerful approach into his life he realized that IFS was the missing piece of the puzzle.  Everett’s been trained and certified now as an IFS practitioner and has been teaching IFS Peer Facilitation for 4 years. His passion is introducing IFS to spiritual practitioners so they can have the breakthroughs that he’s experienced.  He works as a spiritual teacher, coach and healer.

You can read more about Everett here: