The Victim Pattern Webinar

If you have the Victim Pattern, you believe that your life situation is impossible or that someone has wronged you. In other words, you believe that your problems exist because bad things were done to you. Granted, difficult things may have happened in your life, as they do in all our lives. The difference is that you feel like the victim of these circumstances, and you believe that there is nothing you can do about it.

With this Pattern, you may find yourself continually thinking about how others have wronged or hurt you. You make excuses to yourself for why you cannot get your life together, feeling cheated and helpless to do anything about it. You may feel angry or depressed about your circumstances and helpless to change your life for the better. In the back of your mind, you may even feel entitled to special time and attention from others, especially those whom you feel have wronged you.

This webinar will help you to determine if you have a Victim Pattern–or if your partner (or someone else close to you) does. You will learn how the pattern operates, what its underlying dynamics are, and how to change it, using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey. You will also learn how to relate to someone with the Victim Pattern and how to encourage them to change their pattern.

You will learn how to develop the Responsibility Capacity instead of the Victim Pattern. Responsibility involves recognizing that you have choices available to you at all times and that the direction of your life is up to you. The Responsibility Capacity helps you to see that there are many small and large things you can do every day that influence the flow of your life. You can see that it’s ultimately your job to figure out your life and to do your best to identify and attain your goals. This leads you to a sense of personal power and the ability to make your life work.

Tuesday, July 14
4:30-6 PM pacific time (7:30-9 PM eastern)
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