What People are Saying about IFS Classes

I have worked on myself for many years in a variety of settings, but never have I gotten so far so quickly as I did in a recent IFS workshop led by Jay Earley. I immediately sensed Jay’s compassion, respect, patience, persistence, and sensitivity to what was going on inside me and the others. Building trust, which usually takes weeks, was instantaneous for me. As a result, I made a major breakthrough. I have been able to cry for others but never for my own pain, but in minutes, my tears were a torrent, and I could finally feel that old pain and let go of it. I would recommend Jay without hesitation to anyone searching for healing or wholeness. Lionel Gambill

I feel this deep sense of safety and trust in Jay in this class. He seem skilled in every aspect of it. He was very sensitive to us and respected everybody’s opinions. He was also very thoughtful and deliberate in everything he did. It was an excellent class.
Carli Simons

I liked the way Jay had us all participate in the first exercise, and the way he brought all our voices into the call via the check-in. Having weekly homework was helpful for getting me to practice on my own. I was also glad of the chances to practice during class time. I appreciate the warmth and kindness I experienced from him when I was working in the class.
Karen Rempel

I deeply appreciate Jay for his vision in creating this class for healing.  It is the ultimate gift one can give to self and another.  The skills and tools I have learned from him have served me so well. The quality of my life now is beyond anything I could have imagined in being open, loving and compassionate.  I do believe that what I have applied in IFS attracted this magnificent man into my life.
Gena Galenski

A powerful experience!  Jay led me through a guided meditation and helped me connect with my authentic Self.  He is sensitive to client safety and effective in helping us do deep work.
Doug Freedman

I’m grateful to have learned about this work. Jay’s presentation of the basic concepts made it easy to understand. His masterful facilitation made it possible to have a profound experience of the work. I was surprised at how quickly I got in touch with a major block to my empowerment. Jay’s compassionate presence created a safe space to explore it.
Kathi McTeigue

In a recent IFS workshop with Jay Earley, I liked very much the idea of including all of myself, even the so-called unacceptable parts, into the equation of who I am. In my work with Jay, I experienced a warming toward and acceptance of a rageful part of myself I had first regarded with disdain. I left the work feeling bigger, warmer and more whole than when I came. I found Jay to be intelligent, sensitive, competent, and patient in staying with me and helping me get to myself.
Lee Doan