Working Through Procrastination Telephone Course

  • Do you forget about tasks you have to do?
  • When faced with an important project, do you get distracted or busy with other things?
  • Is it hard to discipline yourself to exercise, meditate, or eat well?
  • Do your work habits keep you from being successful?
  • Do you avoid making decisions and taking action to move your life ahead?


You can get to know your Procrastinating Part, heal the exiles it is protecting, and transform it. This may also involve resolving the inner conflict between your Procrastinator and Taskmaster.

You Can Learn to…

  • Get things done without hesitation.
  • Stick with a discipline.
  • Take action to move your life ahead.
  • Feel confident about your abilities.
  • Achieve the success you have dreamed of.

In this course, you will learn about the psychology behind procrastination and how to transform it to Work Confidence using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey (STJ).

The course will include webinar lectures, discussion, group exercises, demo IFS sessions, homework in pairs, real-time practices, and guidance in using STJ.

It is a good place to find a buddy or partner for IFS or STJ work, including the all-important real-time practices for taking action.

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