Inner Critic Phone Course: New Dates

The Inner Critic Phone Course dates have been re-scheduled to allow more people to enroll. Transforming your Inner Critic

In this course, you will learn how to work with your Inner Critics using IFS to make friends with them and then transform them.

You will learn about the 8 types of Inner Critic parts and discover which ones are the most problematic for you.

  • Perfectionist
  • Guilt-Tripper
  • Underminer
  • Destroyer
  • Conformist
  • Taskmaster
  • Inner Controller
  • Doubter

The Inner Critic Course will include reading, lecture, discussion, group exercises, and homework where you practice IFS work in pairs with other people from the class.

May 19 – June 23 (6 two-hour classes)
4:30-6:30PM pacific time (7:30-9:30PM eastern)
Cost: $250

Click here for more information or to enroll.