Molder Report

Bonnie Weiss, LCSW and Jay Earley, Ph.D.

MR2The Molder Inner Critic tries to fit you into a certain mold, or get you to be a certain way: caring, aggressive, polite, outgoing, artistic, meek. It compares you to other people whom it admires. It holds you up to expectations that originated with your parents, community, heritage, or culture, though it has internalized these and integrated them as its own values. It attacks you when you don’t fit the mold, and praises you when you do.


Your Molder may want you to fit in so you will be liked and admired. It may want to protect you from being abandoned, rejected, judged, or shamed if you step out of line. If you are still in the same family situation or subculture in your adult life, there’s a possibility this is happening right now. However, even if you are not, the Molder doesn’t realize this, and it tries to keep you in line even though it is no longer necessary.

Different Molder parts enforce wildly varying values. One may attack you for showing anger; another for showing sensitivity. One may judge you for feeling pain or being vulnerable; another for grabbing too much attention. Some Molders value emotional expression, and castigate you for being cold and unfeeling. Others value intellect and stoicism, and judge you for showing any emotions at all. Some Molders want you to be competitive in the world and make a lot of money; others want you to live a frugal life and give most of your money to the poor.MR4

MR5You might have a Molder part whose job is just to keep you in your usual identity, holding normal beliefs about who you are, consistent with ordinary modern culture. If you start to open up emotionally/spiritually, or transform your consciousness, the Molder may attack you to prevent change; afraid that this will leave you confused and lost.

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