Learn about IFS

Introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy.  An article by Jay Earley on IFS.

The Basics of IFS. A summary of the steps in the IFS process.

The IFS Advantage.  An article introducing IFS by showing its advantages over other forms of therapy and self-help.

A Visual Journey of the IFS Process

Free Report on IFS. Download a free report that goes into some depth on IFS.

Introduction to the Pattern System.  The Pattern System is a personality system I have developed that is oriented toward IFS, so this article introduces both of them.

Relating to Our Parts.  A brief article that explains the unique way of relating to our inner experience that IFS teaches us.

Exploring Yourself using IFS.  A brief article on the way that IFS teaches us to explore our parts.

Developing a Trusting Relationship with a Protector.  How to build trust with a protective part.

The IFS View of the Human Psyche. The unique and powerful understanding of the human psyche that comes from IFS.

What IFS has to Offer Diamond Approach Inquiry.  An article for Diamond Approach students discussing how IFS can aid us in our work.

IFS Books

Articles on Relationships and Couples Therapy

Inner Critic Articles