Major Changes to Self-Therapy Journey

Self-Therapy-JourneyI am excited to announce that after 8 months of work, I have completed major changes to Self-Therapy Journey, my interactive online tool for personal growth and psychological healing.

Before I explain the changes, let me discuss some basic concepts in Self-Therapy Journey (STJ).  Patterns are problematic ways of functioning or relating that you might want to change, such as Procrastination, Depression, or People-Pleasing. Capacities are healthy ways of functioning or relating that you might want to develop, such as Work Confidence, Aliveness, or Assertiveness. Wounds are painful feelings or negative beliefs that you took on as a result of harmful incidents or relationships from childhood, such as Shame, Abandonment, or believing that you are Unlovable.

Now let’s look at the changes to Self-Therapy Journey.

WoundsStarting with a Capacity or Wound

Self-Therapy Journey was originally set up so that you had to start with a pattern, and then you could work on healing wounds and developing a capacity as part of working on that pattern. Now you can also start with a wound or a capacity. In addition, you can work on a wound or capacity by itself, which means that you don’t have to do it as part of working on a pattern. For example, if you want to work on your Shame Wound, you can do that as part of working on a pattern that has shame underlying it, such as the Self-Effacing Pattern, or you can work on your Shame Wound on its own. For another example, if you want to work on developing Assertiveness, you can do that as part of working of a pattern that blocks Assertiveness, such as People-Pleasing or Passive-Aggressive, or you can work on developing Assertiveness on its own.

Paying for a Single Pattern, Capacity, or Wound

In the old Self-Therapy Journey, the only payment option was with a $25/month recurring subscription. That option is still there, but now you can also choose to enroll for a single pattern, capacity, wound for just $4.97 or $9.97 (see below for explanation of prices). This makes it easier to get started. If you discover that you want to enroll for many different patterns, capacities, or wounds, then you can choose the monthly subscription at any time.

Simplified Versions and Levels of Enrollment

I have added simplified versions of the patterns and capacities for just $4.97. I call this the Shift Level of enrollment. This is for people who want quick results for less money. You can upgrade at any time to the more complete version of the pattern or capacity, which is $9.97 and is called the Change Level of enrollment. If you enroll for the monthly subscription that includes the wounds, this is called the Transformation Level of enrollment, which is $35/month. The $25 monthly subscription that doesn’t include the wounds is at the Change Level.

New Quizzes

The old version of Self-Therapy Journey included two quizzes to help you determine which pattern to work on. STJ now also has a wounds quiz to help you see which wounds you have and two capacities quizzes to help you figure out which capacities you need to develop (or develop further).

I invite you to check out Self-Therapy Journey at