May 28: Webinar on a Social Movement for the Great Turning

In this free webinar, I will present a proposal for a social movement for the Great Turning.

We are undergoing a planetary crisis, hopefully leading to a historical transformation of society, which has been called the Great Turning. Our collective psyche is erupting with signs and portents of this new way of being, built on a foundation of cooperation, interconnectedness, and an interest in the inner life and spirituality. It will also involve cultural and racial diversity, social justice, human scale institutions, and reverence for the earth.

Even though there are underlying trends toward this transformation, we don’t have much time until our society breaks down. So, we must take action for our survival, and I believe that the best way to do this is by creating an organized social movement with the Great Turning as its goal.

Here is a 7-step vision for the movement:

  1. Wake people up to the danger and urgency of the moment.
  2. Provide a vision of a healthy, transformed society and how to get there.
  3. Continue protecting the earth, people, and democracy.
  4. Experiment with alternative social structures and restore local ecosystems to health.
  5. Develop a healthy movement culture with loving, empowered members.
  6. Collaborate with existing movements and grow to be large and powerful.
  7. Gain power and transform the government and economy.

The movement will be built on small study-action groups. These will involve not only political action but also consciousness raising and education, capacity development (such as leadership, communication, and collaboration), personal growth, group bonding, and support for each person finding their contribution to the Great Turning.

To read the proposal, click here.

Free Webinar
Tuesday, May 28
10 am – 12 noon pacific time
(1-3 pm eastern, 6-8 pm UK)
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Feel free to enroll in this webinar even if you can’t make it. I will send out a replay afterwards.