New Course: The Therapist-Client Relationship in IFS

A Phone Course for Therapists and Coaches

The Therapist-Client Relationship in IFS course is approved for 12 IFS CE credits

We have had such a good time in the professional course on IFS that I taught this fall (Advanced Techniques for Healing Exiles) that many of the participants wanted me to teach another professional course so they could continue their learning and their connections with each other. And there will be room for new people.

This course won’t depend on the material from the other course. It is brand new.

This course will cover how to handle your relationship with your clients using IFS. Even though the primary relationship in IFS is that between the client’s Self and each part, the relationship between the therapist and the client (or the client’s parts) is an important support for the therapy, and for some clients, it is crucial to their IFS work and must be addressed explicitly.

In this course you will learn how to know when the therapist-client relationship is important for a certain client. You will learn about certain client patterns (types of parts) that affect therapeutic success and the therapeutic alliance. You will explore the types of transference and countertransference that can arise in IFS therapy. You will learn to recognize when your parts are triggered by a client and how to work with your parts using IFS to get back into Self.

In addition, we will explore how to work with clients (or parts) that have attachment issues and need reparenting from you. We will also see how to work with clients (or parts) that don’t trust you, rebel against you, or have other kinds of negative reactions to you.

The course will include consultation on clients, role playing how to work with difficult clients, and demo sessions with participants where you work on your parts that get triggered by clients. You will pair up with other class members for homework sessions.

Fridays 10am – 12 noon
Jan. 23, Feb. 6, 20, March 6, 20, April 3 (6 two-hour classes)
Cost: $250
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