Overeating, Foggy Testers Needed for Self-Therapy Journey

Jay Earley, PhD and Bonnie Weiss, LCSW

For the last two and a half years, Jay has been developing a web application, Self-Therapy Journey, where people can get help in transforming psychological problems.

It is like an interactive self-help book, based on the Pattern System and IFS. It should be ready by fall 2013.

We would like to try out an early version of the application with people who are willing to use it while Bonnie follows along by phone/computer or gets feedback from you afterward. We want to get feedback on how it works for you and what needs to be fixed or improved.

Soon people will be able to use the application to work on a wide variety of different psychological issues. However, right now we are looking for people who have one of two very specific issues to volunteer in trying it out. We are looking for people who either (1) tend to overeat, or (2) get foggy, spaced out, and confused at times. (Later we will be looking for volunteers on other issues, and in September we will want people to test the whole application.)

You will be able to learn about your Indulger or Foggy Pattern, its underlying motivation, and where it comes from in your past. You will get a customized report about all these things based on what you enter in the application, which means that you can also use this application for guided journaling. You will also be able to set up a life practice to activate the healthy capacity to replace your pattern. That would be either Conscious Consumption (for the Indulger Pattern) or Clarity (for the Foggy Pattern). The application will provide you with online support in carrying out the practice.

If you are interested in volunteering, email Bonnie at bonnieweiss@gmail.com. Let her know

  1. your phone number,
  2. what time zone you are in, and
  3. which of those two patterns you would like to test. We want to try out the application on a variety of different people, so please also let her know
  4.  if you are a therapist and
  5. whether you are familiar with IFS.

We may have more volunteers than we can use right away, so you may not hear from us for a while.

Please read: A Story of the Indulger and Foggy Patterns

For more information about The Pattern System(TM) please visit http://patternsystem.com