The Pattern System: eBook Versions

The Pattern System book is now available in both Kindle and PDF versions as well as the paperback.

The Pattern System is a systematic approach to understanding your personality that can lead directly to psychological healing and personal growth. It also helps you to understand other people–why they respond as they do, what makes them tick. Once your have understood the Pattern System and explored yourself according to its model, you will come away with a comprehensive map of your psyche. You will be able to see your strengths and your defenses, your places of pain and how you compensate for them. You will understand the structure of your inner conflicts and see the leading edge of your growth.

The Pattern System will make clear what you need to explore next to resolve the issues that are most important to you. You will know where there is underlying pain, shame, or fear that must be healed. You will know which psychological capacities you can develop (or are already developing) to make your life happier and more productive. You will see how to ground your spiritual development in higher functioning in your life.

Therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals can use the Pattern System to understand the details of the psychological structure and dynamics of their clients. Researchers can use it as the basis for psychological studies.

The Pattern System is based on 40 years of observing my clients’ behavior, emotions, underlying psychological issues, and their origins in childhood. This has been enhanced by many years of providing supervision, training, and consultation for therapists and many discussions with colleagues. I have put this together using my background in systems thinking and computer science. It is a new way of organizing into useful form the extraordinary amount of data that psychotherapists absorb about our clients.

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