People-Pleasing Course

Taught by Jay Earley, PhD

  • Do you frequently go along with what people want?
  • Do your needs get overlooked?
  • Are you always trying to make people happy?
  • Are you stressed out because you say Yes to every request?
  • Are you afraid to assert yourself?

You can learn to…

  • Be in touch with your needs
  • Ask for what you want
  • Set limits and say No
  • Express your opinions

This leads to…

  • Having your personal power and your connections with people
  • Having time for yourself and your family
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Not being stressed out with commitments
  • Getting your needs met

This course will teach you how to understand and transform your People-Pleasing Pattern to Assertiveness using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey.

Full Course
Six weekly 2-hour classes over the telephone, including lectures, webinars, discussion over the phone, guided meditations, demonstration IFS sessions, and pairing up for homework.

Webinar/Forum Course
Six weekly webinar videos, forum/listserv for discussions, pairing up for homework
You can watch at your convenience

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