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 Activating Your Inner Champion  Activating Your Inner Champion  Activating Your Inner Champion

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Activating Your Inner Champion

Do you struggle with bouts of depression and low self-esteem? Do you feel ashamed, guilty, or hopeless at times? Many of us go through periods of believing there is something inherently wrong with us. This book will show you that your low self-esteem isn’t really valid. It comes from attacks by your Inner Critic. This part of you is responsible for your feelings of worthlessness.

When you feel ashamed, hopeless, inadequate, or just plain awful about yourself, it’s because your Inner Critic is attacking you. It has a variety of methods, but most commonly, it works by hammering you with negative messages about your self-worth.

The Inner Critic judges you, demeans you, and tells you who you should be. It undermines your self-confidence and makes you feel bad about yourself. Since this is one of the most difficult and tenacious issues that people face, we have collaborated on a serious study of how to work with and transform your Inner Critic.

Our core understanding is that self-esteem is your birthright. You deserve to feel good about yourself without having to earn it. However, we’ve all had the experience of feeling bad about ourselves. Think of those times when you felt down and believed that you were worthless, stupid, incompetent, and so on. That wasn’t the truth about you—it was a message from your Inner Critic.

We have identified seven types of Inner Critics. Each one judges you about something different. One judges you for not being perfect. Another makes you feel guilty. A third undermines your sense of confidence. Most people don’t just have one Critic but several.

Activating Your Inner Champion will help you identify which types of Critic are problems for you, how they operate, and their underlying reasons for attacking you. This already gives them less power over you.

The book shows you how to evoke your Inner Champion to change the way you relate to yourself. It is a magic bullet for dealing with the negative impact of your Inner Critic. Your Inner Champion supports you in being yourself and feeling good about yourself in the face of Inner Critic messages.

There is a different type of Inner Champion for each of the seven types of Inner Critics. Activating Your Inner Champion will help you get in touch with the specific Inner Champions you need for those types of Inner Critics that are the biggest problems for you. Then you can activate those Champions when you need them in the face of an Inner Critic attack.

The adage “You can love yourself” is not just a platitude. This book shows you how to do exactly that. You aren’t stuck with the anguish and difficulties that stem from your Inner Critic. Your inner world can change so that you feel confident and worthwhile, allowing your life journey to unfold in an exciting way.

Your Inner Champion will support you and help you to feel good about yourself. It will help you to recognize your intrinsic self-worth and develop your self-confidence. It will encourage you to be who you truly are rather than trying to fit into the box your Inner Critic creates for you. It will support you in living a life of freedom and joy.

This book is based on the Pattern System, a comprehensive and detailed map of the human psyche.

Activating Your Inner Champion is more than a book. It includes:

  • An online workbook
  • An online quiz
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • An online community
Are you ready to stop beating yourself up for every little problem in your life? Help is on the way! Activating Your Inner Champion provides you with a positive and powerful way of dealing with attacks from your inner critic. The concept of the Inner Champion is a brilliant way of handling this difficult psychological issue by developing an ideal inner voice to support you throughout all aspects of your life. I loved following the hyperlinks to web-based support for exploring your Critic and activating your Champion. This book will help many people feel good about themselves and move through the world with confidence. Bravo, Jay Earley and Bonnie Weiss! ~Matt Weinstein, Inspirational speaker, author, Managing To Have Fun


I found Activating Your Inner Champion and the associated Workbook to be a very smart, engaging way to help me get to know my Inner Critic parts. I was delighted to notice myself looking forward to doing this practice during the day. The “Profiling” process helped me to identify and map each Critic. The simple guided diary formats showed me my Inner Critics’ patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior after a few days time. Additionally, I learned how to set compassionate limits with punitive Critics that wanted the best for me but were often destructive to my self-worth. ~Kathy F. Grace, MA, LPC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Activating Your Inner Champion Instead of Your Inner Critic, along with associated online tools, helped raise my awareness of Inner critic types and the common messages I receive from them. More importantly, I gained resources for not only noticing these habitual patterns but responding to them in new ways. The suggested statements from the Inner Champion respect the Inner critic’s original motivation and offer interpretations that are more current, instead of based in the past. The writing is accessible and focuses on application to everyday experience. I recommend this book for anyone seeking a positive approach to personal development. ~Sally Durgan


Thank you, Jay and Bonnie, for posting your Inner Critic Inventory on the internet.  My inner critics have been loud and strong for a long, long time, but this brief inventory helped me to name them, see a positive side to them (really!), give them a name and an image that could bring a smile and a non-judgmental acknowledgement of their presence, and best of all, gave me tools to recognize the inner champions within who will empower me to focus all this energy into more productive living.  All in all, these tools, in connection with my therapist who uses the Internal Family Systems Therapy with great aplumb, are jettisoning me to health in a way I never thought possible. Grace and joy, ~Rev. Julie Halstead

I found it very helpful to be able to attach statements and images to the various aspects of the Inner Champion that balance out the Destroyer. I have had the Destroyer part in me as far back as I can remember so you can imagine how much havoc it has wreaked on my life. Exercises like this make it all seem so simple to handle. I was crying at one point, while working on the Action Planning Inner Champion. I can’t tell you how much I would have loved to hear those statements as a child. ~ Nickolas, Germany, freelancer