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  • Treina () Reply ·

    Hi there. I paid to work on a pattern at the 2nd level of change option (can’t remember what you called that, just now…the $14.95 option) a week or so ago, and so far haven’t noticed it be delivered. Should I expect it digitally? Is there perhaps a glitch?

    • WPSTOREADMIN () Reply ·

      You should have received an email and in the notes section there is a link to your product. Please check your spam/junk folder. In the email is a link to your product.
      MJ Stern, Support Team

  • Nancy () Reply ·

    July 5..I just ordered Self-Therapy Volume 3. When I was in my account section, I saw that an order for Volume 2 from January that was noted as pending. I have already received Volume 2; I don’t remember the date, but January seems about right. I hope that the order will not be duplicated. Thanks you for any info regarding this.

  • Cloyd () Reply ·

    I bought the Self Therapy PDF. The webpage that advertised it implied that I could also listen to the book (an audio file). I wanted to do that while I work out. Did I misinterpret that?


  • Thomas () Reply ·

    I purchased the procrastination pattern change level work in January 2018. I was working with it as recently as this Monday. When I attempted to enter my dashboard and also the pattern site to work I could not find it anywhere. Can you see what gives and send me a link to get back to work?

  • jgibson4423 () Reply ·

    I purchased the meditation package and it said I could download the files. However, there is no option to download the files.

  • roblee_67 () Reply ·

    Hi! I ordered the Steps of IFS Process Meditations Bundle on 11/8/2019 and it’s still listed as Processing in my accounts page. Any idea when I can expect a download link? Thank you!

  • helenmufti () Reply ·

    How long does it take for an order to reach the UK? It is over two weeks and I still have not received the order. Your information just says “in process”. Has it been mailed as yet?

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