Eating Issues Sessions

Demonstrations of IFS Sessions on Eating-Related Issues

These six sessions demonstrate how to use IFS therapy with clients with eating-related issues.

Healing Exiles Protected by Food Controller and Indulger  A touching session with a new IFS client that explores the typical Inner Controller-Indulger polarization and heals three protected exiles.

Developing an Inner Champion  An experienced client wants to activate her Inner Champion. She explores the beliefs of her Inner Controller and the Bag Lady exile that it is protecting. In healing the exile, she creates a lovely environment where there are no expectations.

Working with Eating Exiles  A lovely session where the client contacts exiles related to early feeding experiences.

The Hijacker Indulger  A client who is struggling with yoyo dieting makes contact with a protective hijacker part that developed in her early 20’s around a broken relationship.

Getting to Know a Food Controller  A client new to IFS is just beginning to explore her parts in the eating cluster.

Working with a Foggy Part  A wonderful example of a client interacting with a part that makes her foggy, which is often a difficult part to identify and work with.

Eating Issues Demos Bundle