Embracing Intimacy

Embracing Intimacy Embracing Intimacy Embracing Intimacy
eBook Version
eBook Version

Embracing Intimacy

Making Love Come Alive in Your Relationship

Do you feel indifferent toward your partner? Has the relationship gone dead?
Learn how to bring back your feelings for each other.

Do you have a decent relationship, with friendship and some affection, but there is no passion or spark anymore?
Work through your underlying blocks and rekindle that spark of passion!

Is there an atmosphere of hostility between you? Either restrained or with open battles?
Learn to work through these conflicts and feel close again.

Do you pretend that you don’t need anything in the relationship, and so you have become distant?
Get back in touch with your needs and learn to express them.

Do you engage in other activities that leave you no time for intimacy–sports, family, children, friends, affairs, drinking, online stuff?
Make room for intimacy in your life!

When your partner does something that hurts you, do you pull away and shut him or her out?
Learn how to hang in there and work it through, so your love stays open.

Have you lost that sexual excitement? Have you stopped being affectionate with each other?
You can understand what is behind this and bring it back.

Have you stopped sharing important feelings with your partner?
Work through your fears so you can be open and close again.

Have you had these problems in past relationships that didn’t work out?
Learn to work them through so your next relationship will be successful.

Does your partner avoid intimacy in any of these ways?
Understand your partner’s fears so you can help him or her open up again.

If your love relationship is lacking intimacy, this book shows how to work through the psychological issues you may have that are keeping you distant from your partner. You can also learn about why your partner may be avoiding intimacy, and what to do about it. If you’ve had blocks to intimacy in past relationships, the book will help you prepare to have greater closeness in future ones.

You will learn about the different patterns of avoiding intimacy, the fears that drive them, and the childhood wounds behind them. You will learn how to work through your unconscious fears of closeness. You will identify the aspects of intimacy you want to develop, and you can engage in a life practice for embracing them.

This book is based on the Pattern SystemSM, a comprehensive and detailed map of the human psyche.

This book is more than a book. It includes
• An online workbook
• An online quiz
• Recorded guided meditations
• An online community
Embracing Intimacy is more than a book. It includes:
  • An online workbook
  • An online quiz
  • Recorded guided meditations
  • An online community

Embracing Intimacy is the best kind of book on relationships. It emphasizes what each partner can do on their own to improve their own behavior. That’s the only thing any of us have control over! Jay offers substantial content so that individuals can find their own patterns and do something about them. He clearly differentiates problems in a relationship that come from your partner versus yourself and offers a clear plan for each. – Mona Barbera, Ph.D., IFS therapist, author of Bring Yourself to Love: How couples can turn disconnection into intimacy

Jay Earley has mastered the capacity to distill complex aspects of the psyche into accessible nuggets that can be easily assimilated. Each reader will easily recognize those patterns operating in their relationship and have the pleasure of being led, with considerable care and attention to detail, through very practical and effective ways to initiate change. Embracing Intimacy is a ground-breaking book notable for its innovative use of on-line workbooks and support community but most especially for its empowerment of each individual to reclaim the intimacy they long for. – Judith Bradley, M.A, B.Sc.P.T., Mind-body therapist, Vancouver

Embracing Intimacy is a powerful guidebook for those emboldened to take an honest look at their intimacy conditioning and to take the necessary steps toward its healing. Jay Earley breaks down very complex information into an immediately useable format in an easy-to-understand way. A very handy condensation of valuable, practical information, ready for immediate use, without a lot of extraneous material. – Chad Charles