Freedom from your Inner Critic

Freedom from Your Inner Critic Freedom from Your Inner Critic
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 Jay Earley, PhD
Bonnie Weiss, LCSW

We’ve all heard the voice of the inner critic—that part of us that judges us, shames us, and makes us feel inadequate. You don’t want to give in to the Critic, and it doesn’t really work to fight against it. But there is a way to transform it into an invaluable ally.” This book shows how to uncover the psychological roots of our self-sabotaging inner voices and restoring our sense of self-worth. Filled with insights, case studies, and practical self-therapy exercises, this breakthrough book explores:

  • How to connect with your Inner Critic through the groundbreaking approach of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy
  • The seven varieties of the Inner Critic and their positive intent
  • Healing your Criticized Child that is hurt by your Inner Critic
  • Awakening your Inner Champion—the antidote to the influence of your Inner Critic
  • How to transform your Inner Critic and learn to love yourself
  • How our self-confidence, motivation, and courage improve when we are free from our Inner Critics

Self-esteem is our birthright, and even the most intractable Inner Critic can learn to let go and allow you to blossom. Freedom from Your Inner Critic offers a solution to one of our greatest psychological challenges—so you can reclaim your confidence, freedom, and joy in life.