Negotiating for Self-Leadership

e-Book Version


eBook Version

This professional booklet describes a method of helping an IFS protector to let go of its role that doesn’t depend on first healing the exile it is protecting. You negotiate with the protector to allow the client to lead from Self in an upcoming life situation.

Jay Earley has taken on a valuable role in the IFS community:  explicating, with clear guidelines and illustrations, concepts and techniques of IFS that I developed and teach but have yet to write at length about.  In this booklet he focuses on ways to improve the relationship between a client’s Self and protective parts and to help those parts trust Self to lead in the outside world.  Trained IFS therapists will likely find that they already do some of what he outlines but that it is useful to have it laid out in writing and will also be inspired to try some new things. ~ Richard Schwartz, PhD, creator of the IFS model, author of Internal Family Systems Therapy, You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For

Challenging life situations present themselves before the client’s system is fully unburdened, and the habitual protective reactions typically take over with the usual disastrous results.  This latest addition to Earley’s professional series offers techniques for the IFS therapist to help their clients navigate this terrain.  The techniques for negotiating with protector parts, illustrated with transcripts of sessions, include updating parts’ fears, working with realistic fears, and discerning the reasonableness of negotiating for Self-leadership in these situations. ~ Susan McConnell, Senior Lead Trainer for the Center for Self Leadership