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  • Beyond Eating Course

    The Beyond Eating Audio Course approach lays out a three-pronged model for dealing with issues around food addiction.

    Produced by Bonnie Weiss, LCSW

    After purchasing this p...
  • IFS Polarization Course

    This course teaches you how to work with two parts that are polarized, which means they are in conflict about how you should behave in your life. This is the third of the IFS courses.

  • IFS Basic Course

    This course consists of a set of 6 downloadable tracks, covering six classes. You will also get a Basic Course Information Guide and a Basic Course Manual. Each class consists of an openi...

  • IFS Exiles Course

    This course teaches you how to work with exiles, heal them of their pain, and transform their protectors. This is the second of the two basic IFS courses. It is now available in recorded ...

  • Transforming Perfectionism Course

    Transforming Perfectionism Course includes an ebook, a manual, half-off an IFS session, a workbook, a quiz, and recordings of a lecture, teleseminar, guided meditations,...