Resolving Inner Conflict

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eBook Version
eBook Version

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Do you feel like you have battles going on inside?
Learn how to help your parts to cooperate with each other.

Do you have difficulty make decisions.
Learn how to resolve opposing viewpoints and become decisive.

Do you indulge yourself and then judge yourself for it.
Understand why this happens and what to do about it.

Do you avoid taking action that you know you is necessary.
Learn how to resolve this inner confusion.

Do you often have contradictory feelings about loaded situations?
Learn how to integrate these different parts of yourself.

This book is a detailed treatment of how to work with inner conflict in Internal Family Systems Therapy, including transcripts of actual sessions to show exactly how the technique works. Though written for psychotherapists, it is also accessible to people who want to deepen their IFS work on themselves.

I am very grateful to Jay Earley for putting my ideas about polarization into writing, which, up until now, have only been conveyed in trainings or workshops. He has added useful case examples and practical steps and, as usual, his writing is very clear. This is a substantial contribution to the literature on Internal Family Systems Therapy. — Richard Schwartz, PhD, creator of the IFS model, author of Internal Family Systems Therapy, You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For

Unresolved internal polarizations can challenge the most experienced therapists.   Recognizing and working effectively with internal conflict is crucial to the success of the IFS Model with all clients. This helpful, readable follow-up to Earley’s Self-Therapy offers a step-by-step approach and lively examples for navigating this fascinating territory of the human psyche. — Susan McConnell, Senior Lead Trainer for the Center for Self Leadership

Polarities abound in our inner systems, and this book fills a gap in the IFS literature. Jay Earley continues to blaze the trail of making Internal Family Systems Therapy accessible to the masses, while still offering useful insights and guidance to practitioners already grounded in the model. — Bruce Hersey, LCSW, Altoona, PA

Inner conflict seems to be one of our painful, debilitating human burdens.  This remarkable book clearly and systematically shows how to approach those intractable inner arguments in such a way that the conflict is actually transformed into unexpected, creative and harmonious ways of expressing our true inner self. — Persephone Maywald M.A., Psychologist, Adelaide, Australia

Clear, smart and immediately usable.  Every IFS practitioner needs to read this book to deepen their understanding and strengthen their skill. — Lisa Spiegel, MA, co-director of Soho Parenting