Self-Therapy Journey Wounds

Do you want to…
  • Get your work life unstuck?
  • Make your relationships more satisfying?
  • Feel good about yourself?
  • Do away with self-destructive behavior?
  • Become more assertive so your life can move ahead?

Self-Therapy Journey is a online tool for transforming your psychological issues and enhancing your self-confidence and functioning.

You Can…
  • Take command of your personal growth
  • Work at your own pace in your own time
  • Heal your emotional wounds
  • Gain self-confidence and courage
  • Open to intimacy and love
  • Feel hope and optimism about your life

    – each and every day

A wound is pain or trauma from childhood that affects your functioning now in your adult life. You can enroll to heal any of the following wounds in Self-Therapy Journey:

You can enroll for each wound.
You must have an access code to work on these wounds.
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