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Self-Therapy Workbook
An Exercise Book for the IFS Process

by Bonnie Weiss, LCSW

This workbook is a companion book to Self-Therapy by Jay Earley, PhD. Self-Therapy lays out the step-by-step process of the Internal Family Systems Therapy Model originated by Richard Schwartz, PhD ( The book is designed to facilitate learning the basics of the IFS process. The workbook takes you step-by- step from accessing a part by working with Protectors through getting to know and heal the more fragile, exiled parts of the psyche. The format of integrated concept descriptions and exercises is ideal for individual exploration, small groups, or classes. Exercises can be done on one’s own or with a partner. The workbook structure allows for journal-style following of your process.

The workbook provides summaries of the steps outlined by Earley and offers expanded exercises to work with and integrate the IFS process. Sample responses to the exercises are provided in order to clarify the ideas being explored. The workbook goes beyond Self-Therapy by including chapters on using IFS with couples, polarization, and firefighters. For a fuller explanation of various IFS ideas, transcripts of sessions and case examples refer to Self-Therapy.

As clinicians, Jay and I were very excited to discover the IFS Model. It allowed us to integrate our training and clinical experience with our years of spiritual practice. The concept of Self brings into the therapeutic arena the power of higher consciousness as a healing tool. We are deeply grateful to Dick Schwartz for his unflagging commitment to bring this model into the world.

Over the years of teaching the IFS Model and using it with clients, Jay and I have provided user-friendly materials that enable people to use the powerful tools of IFS in their individual efforts to grow and develop their humanness as well as to transform personal difficulties. Being psychotherapists, we deeply value the importance of the helping relationship and the sacredness of the therapeutic encounter. We do, however, believe that people can benefit from being introduced to this model outside of therapy and can work by themselves or with a partner to further their personal understanding and gain some relief from internal structures that have limited their ability to function in a satisfying way. Our hope is that this workbook will supplement existing material by providing a clear, easy-to-follow structure for doing IFS work.

“This book is so much more than a workbook! While capturing the key parts of Jay Earley’s Self-Therapy in a workbook format, it also elucidates IFS best practices and will be indispensable to IFS students, teachers, clients, coaches, and therapists.”
~Everett Considine, IFS Instructor and Certified IFS Practitioner

Self-Therapy Workbook by Bonnie Weiss, LCSW, is a comprehensive, thoughtful and well organized accompaniment for anyone working to build the capacities of self-leadership. The workbook is an exemplary introduction to the IFS Model for first timers, yet it also brings enough sophistication in detail and scope to benefit professional-level providers. As usual, Ms. Weiss brings a collection of excellent meditations to open the reader’s inner experience as well as plenty of room to re- cord one’s own reflections and progressive growth. I highly recommend this work- book for individuals and professions as a valuable enhancement to the therapeutic process.”
~Roseanne Keefe, LICSW

“If you want an easy way to understand and effectively utilize the IFS process, this workbook clearly breaks down the steps described in Self-Therapy by Jay Earley. The exercises are clear, the images are helpful and well integrated into the text, and the examples make this workbook easy to use. I appreciate that it has expanded the original work to include chapters on polarization and couples work. I will certainly give this to my clients to both educate them about the IFS process and to empower them to use this process on their own.”
~Nancy Dagenhart, MFT, IFS Therapist

“This workbook is a very useful companion to Self-Therapy. It provides thoughtful step-by-step guidance through the IFS process. Its clarity and simplicity allow the reader to turn the theoretical concepts of IFS into practical, useful steps toward healing. A must-read for those who want to use IFS for self-growth and healing.”
~Ilyssa Bass, IFS Therapist, Jerusalem, Israel

“This book is a gold mine. It takes the excellent Self-Therapy book to the next level in terms of practicality. I’m convinced that this workbook will help its readers process and work through inner blocks and recurring pains. It is a reference I will use personally as well as recommend to my clients.”
~Ronnie Grandell, Psychologist, Finland